Heavy Equipment & Bore Repair

Heavy Equipment & Bore Repair

About Our Service Shop

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JC Truck & Trailer Repair LLC provides mechanical and diagnostic repairs in and around Juneau Wisconsin.  Our training and experience allow us to function as a Diesel, Automotive, RV, Truck and Tractor Repair Shop.  Our shop coordinates it service to allow customers to get back to their daily routine without worry.  Whether it’s your daily driver, favorite farming tractor or RV, we have a maintenance program to meet your needs.  We specialize in the repair & service of RV, Farm Equipment, Trailers, Septic Tank Trucks, Refrigerated Units and more.

From our home location in Juneau Wisconsin, we can coordinate your service with speed and precision.  JC Truck & Trailer Repair LLC can give you competitive pricing and ensure the repair is done right on time every time.  For more information on what we Service feel free to Contact Us.

JC Truck & Trailer  Repair LLC
N4836 State Road 26
Juneau WI 53039
Phone: 920-253-5433
Fax: 920-386-9201
Email: jctruckrepair@att.net
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